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The rise of third places is the result of people's desire to benefit from new social spaces that encourage exchanges and meetings between people from different backgrounds. These third-party spaces, located between the home and the workplace, are developing around innovative venues in a variety of forms.

Support for local actors.

Putting the idea of a third place into practice begins with the emergence of a concept and the search for a location capable of embodying a genuine hot spot that is creative, responsible, immersive, local, connected, cross-disciplinary, inspiring, restful and integrating….


The conditions for renting, buying or making available premises must be meticulously studied and negotiated in order to eliminate any uncertainties that could hinder the project’s progress, especially when the target is a former industrial wasteland.


Architectural harmony forms the backbone of the project’s identity, and the establishment of technical and architectural specifications is often consubstantial with the concept. The guidelines issued specify the work to be carried out and the architectural constraints imposed, as well as the conditions for carrying out the development programme.

Structuring the company

Building a Third-Place involves a large number of actors, whose legal and financial relationships need to be managed, both in the short and long term. Organising these relationships involves building a legal model that is adapted to the various issues at stake.


As the cornerstone of the project, the legal structuring of the third-party centre will need to be resolved at an early stage.





A place that works.

The secret of smooth articulation between the various parties involved in a project lies in setting clear operating procedures. Determining the organization and operating conditions of a third-place workplace requires participants to respect rules that ensure harmony and good order within the infrastructure.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in contractual drafting, and are able to provide a framework for relations between the various parties involved in a third-place workplace, and to devise innovative strategies tailored to the specific needs of each situation.

Vision and creation of living spaces

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Alister Avocats will take care of the legal issues to help you think through the final phase of your project. The success of a third-place depends on the establishment of solid links that enable it to achieve its objectives, prosper and evolve.

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