White collar crime

With many years’ experience in white collar crime, we assist companies and their directors in managing criminal risk and protecting their civil interests when they are victims of criminal offences.


We provide preventive assistance in the analysis and management of criminal risk, in collaboration with company directors and managers.


We defend companies and their executives in the event of their criminal liability being called into question, particularly during the investigation phase and before the courts.


When companies and/or their executives are the victims of criminal acts damaging to their interests, we assist them and implement the appropriate measures and procedures to assert their rights and obtain compensation for the damage suffered.


We also assist professionals in challenging the disciplinary liability of regulated professions.


We operate throughout France and in the French overseas territories.

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Alister supports you

Alister supports you

  • Economic criminal law
  • Financial criminal law
  • Corporate criminal law
  • Criminal law relating to collective proceedings
  • Criminal tax law
  • Criminal employment law
  • Environmental criminal law

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