Restructuring – Law of companies in difficulty

Any company can be faced with economic difficulties, whether due to its own difficulties or those of its partners. The legal, financial, operational, shareholder, managerial and social issues raised, often in an emergency context, require tailor-made treatment.


Backed by solid experience in assisting companies in difficulty, combined with in-depth knowledge of the workings of the commercial courts, our lawyers deal with each crisis situation with responsiveness and pragmatism.


Whether you’re a manager, shareholder, investor, creditor or buyer, our dedicated team with multidisciplinary skills will be on hand to offer you an efficient response tailored to your situation.

Expertise details

Preventing difficulties and restructuring
Financial and social restructuring
Collective insolvency proceedings
Takeover of companies in difficulty
Crisis litigation

Preventing difficulties and restructuring

  • Setting up prevention procedures
  • Follow-up of the procedure, negotiation and drafting of memoranda of understanding
  • Management and monitoring of relations with the parties involved (ad hoc agents and conciliators, special bank departments, CCSF, etc.)

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