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The Family Office department of Alister Avocats has developed specific expertise in assisting business owners who wish to organize the sale of their business assets and use all or part of the capital raised to develop entrepreneurial projects under family governance.

Art and substance, the family holding company as group leader

The family holding company is the cornerstone of a project to convert business assets into wealth invested in companies controlled and managed by a family group.


Alister Family Office has in-house expertise in the legal and tax engineering of corporate groups, as well as the ability to coordinate a network of qualified partners (notaries, valuation experts, audit firms, chartered accountants, private banks).


These resources enable us to provide comprehensive, high-quality assistance to active family holding companies at every stage of their development, from incorporation through to full maturity under family control and transfer.

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1- Structuring a family holding company

  • Study of a "Holding" social pact adapted to the challenges of family governance;
  • Legal and tax engineering to position the family holding company within all the companies controlled by the founder;
  • Drafting of legal documentation relating to the new architecture of the family group.

2- Preparing to sell your business assets

  • Coordination of expert valuation and financial due diligence work;
  • Legal, tax, corporate, contractual and real estate vendor due diligence report;
  • Constitution of a disposal data room;
  • Legal and tax engineering to set up employee shareholding, where appropriate; - Drafting of legal documentation relating to the transfer of control of the professional tool;
  • Support for the transfer of the professional tool: negotiating transactions, informing employee representative bodies, liaising and coordinating with stakeholders (banks, supervisory authorities, etc.).

3- Legal life of the family holding company after the sale of the business assets

  • Analysis of post-recession reinvestment files in liaison with private banks;
  • Installation, material organization and support for the first meetings of a Group Governance Committee.

4- Transfer of family holding company shares

  • Analysis of the family group's inheritance situation;
  • Legal and tax impact study of a shared donation;
  • Coordination with the notary on the agreed transmission scheme and its implementation.

A fair aim: from the entrepreneur to the family college

Passing on a living business heritage to one’s children, with the aim of involving them in its development but also of collectively securing their own projects, is an ambitious objective in terms of family cohesion and solidarity.


For a business owner, this means embarking on a new trajectory, in which the various stages of progress and the advisory environment must be perfectly matched.


Alister Family Office, with its in-depth experience of supporting family holdings and the quality of its network of partners, is able to offer support at each of these stages to achieve effective, shared family governance.

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